Girsan .45ACP Sub-Compact by André Grobler

  • Friday, 12 February 2016 10:30
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Girsan .45ACP Sub-Compact: Girsan’s MC 1911SC is a compact .45ACP pistol, one of this Turkish company’s range of Colt 1911 copies – right down to its pivoting barrel link and single-action trigger.

At first glance the 1911SC looks similar to the Colt Officers Model. In Girsan’s pistol line, it is referred to as a sub-compact. It works on John Browning’s system whereby barrel and slide are held together by mutually interlocking lugs just ahead of the chamber. On firing, the gas-generated pressure pushes the locked slide and barrel rearwards. After a short distance, an oscillating link draws the breech end of the barrel down to unlock it from the slide. The slide continues rearward to extract and eject the fired case and cock the hammer. The single compressed recoil spring then pushes the slide forwards, scooping a fresh round from the magazine and feeding it into the chamber as the slide’s locking lugs re-engage those of the barrel, readying the pistol to fire.

The pistol is 149mm long, 32mm wide at the grip and weighs 777g with an empty magazine. With a fully loaded magazine of six 230gr cart- ridges it weighs 909g. The barrel is of cold-forged steel, coned and 3.18” in length.

The sights comprise an all-black post and notch, radius 133mm, providing a clear sight picture. The foresight blade is slightly ramped and grooved to prevent reflection; the Novak-style low mount rear sight has a smooth, plain surface, bevelled for snag-free use.

The slide-to-frame fit looks tight, having the same amount of play as my CZ75. The controls include the trigger, slide release lever, a broad manual thumb safety, magazine release button and grip safety, all operable by the shooting hand only. The front and back straps are grooved, the back strap’s ending at the grip safety with its prominent beavertail.

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