Glock44 by Paul Scarlata

  • Friday, 15 May 2020 07:04
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Glock44 by Paul Scarlata: Finally a .22LR

Readers familiar with my earlier scribblings in Magnum are aware that I am a fan of Gaston Glock’s pistols. I bought my first one about a year after they hit the U.S. market and over the decades I have owned just about every model of Glock that’s been produced. I have used them for home defence, concealed carry and competitive shooting with, I must add, complete satisfaction. 

Unlike just about every other pistol manufacturer of note, the Austrian company’s product line lacked a model chambered in .22LR. 

At the risk of repeating myself, I have always felt that .22 rimfire firearms are some of the most practical that any shooter could own. Ammunition is inexpensive and, while the price of .22 ammo has gone up over the years, even the most thrifty shooters can afford a couple of boxes without endangering their weekly budget. 

Firearms in .22LR are almost recoilless, making them perfect for teaching newcomers and enables experienced shooters to practice more often. While you must still observe the same rules of safe gun handling, .22s have much less penetration than larger/more powerful cartridges making them especially practical for use on indoor shooting ranges. 

With match grade ammunition, a .22 firearm is capable of extraordinary accuracy and it is no fluke that some of the most accurate competition rifles and pistols are chambered for the .22LR. 

No one has ever accused Glock’s marketing department of not understanding their potential customers and while it has taken them a fair amount of time to come around to the notion, in late 2019 I received a press release informing me that they were going to introduce a .22-calibre pistol at the 2020 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. 

Over the years I have been known to say that, “A Glock, is a Glock, is a Glock.” By this I mean every Glock pistol has the same operating drill, functions the same way, is disassembled in the same manner, and many of the parts are interchangeable. Features which are especially useful for training, maintenance or transitioning to new equipment. So it will come as no surprise when I say that the new Glock 44 (G44) looks just like every other Glock!

It has the same squared-off profile, same dull black finish, same Safe Action trigger, same... well you get my drift. Its most radical departure from the breed is in its construction and operation. Unlike many .22 pistols on today’s market, the G44 does not have an aluminium slide. Instead Glock devised a two-part, hybrid slide that provides durability with lightweight performance.

Read the full article in the June2020 issue of Magnum.

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