Hunt Group VM15 Destroyer by Phillip Hayes

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Hunt Group VM15 Destroyer by Phillip Hayes: Practical high-capacity firepower

Hunt Group of Turkey manufactures a variety of over-and-under pump and semi-auto shotguns. We tested the VM15 Destroyer, a gas-operated, magazine-fed shotgun on an AR-type platform. For sport shooting and security/military work, this is an obvious choice over traditional tube-fed shotguns as training with the Destroyer is the same as that for all AR-type semi-auto rifles. 

Destroyers are available in two barrel lengths: 12½ inches (made specifically for the South African market) and 18½ inches, and are available in three colour variants, black, black-and-green and flat dark earth. We tested the shorter version in black-and-green, which came in a hard plastic case with two steel magazines, one of 5-shot capacity, the other being a long, curved (AK-47 like) 10-shot mag. This is an extremely compact gun, only 84cm in length with the stock at its shortest setting. The 18½-inch barrelled model is 93cm overall. 

These shotguns are chambered for 3-inch magnum cartridges (the magazines accommodate these) and steel shot can be used. The barrels have what Hunt Group calls a Tactical Choke for slugs – basically Cylinder.

The telescopic stock is adjustable by 83mm – enough to accommodate oversized shooters like me. The cheek-piece can be raised 30mm and the rough-­textured pistol-grip has finger-grooves. The two-position safety-latch is on the left of the 7075 T6 aluminium receiver and can be thumb-operated without changing your grip. The magazine release is on the right and within easy reach of my index finger while maintaining a firm hold on the pistol-grip. A bolt release-latch is situated above the trigger guard on the left and the bolt locks back after the last shot is fired. A lever on the right of the receiver turns the feeding ramp downwards, enabling disassembly by sliding the bolt and ­barrel forward, out of the receiver. 

Atop the receiver is a Picatinny rail fitted with a plastic carry-handle incorp­orating an integral rear sight with two click-adjusted dials for windage and elevation. You have a choice of four different sight elements: two different sized ghost-rings, a u-notch and an upright post. The handle can be removed by undoing two nuts by hand. The plastic front-sight has the same four elements as the rear, and can be slid off the Picatinny rail on the fore-end by depressing a large push-button on the side.

The one-piece polymer and aluminium fore-end has Picatinny rails on the top, bottom and both sides. It’s also ventilated to assist barrel cooling. 

The barrel (with muzzle­-brake) has two gas-ports which bleed gas into a chamber beneath the barrel, forcing a piston back, which shoves the bolt back to eject the empty case and cock the striker. A return-spring pushes the bolt forward to strip a fresh cartridge from the magazine and feed it into the chamber.

Read the full article in the November 2019 issue of Magnum.

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