TEST Micro Roni for CZ P10C

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TEST Micro Roni for CZ P10C: by André Grobler

The Micro Roni is a conversion kit that enables you to use your pistol as a carbine. It was initially developed for law enforcement purposes but is locally available on the civilian market. It enables you to use a handgun more effectively by inserting it in a carbine-type frame which provides a more stable platform for faster aiming and improved practical accuracy. 

Recently Magnum tested the G4 model made specifically for the CZ P10 Compact pistol. It’s 57.5cm long and has a 37cm folding stock. The frame is about 6.3cm wide and 15.5cm high with Picatinny rails attached, and weighs about 1kg. The upper 27.5cm Picatinny rail accommodates various accessories. The rear ends of the two side-rails serve as ambidextrous grooved thumb-rests. 

The short triangular-shaped barrel­-shroud has muzzle-brake type holes. Its underside has a removable attachment to hold a tactical light or laser. Beneath the frame is a magazine holder that doubles as a forward pistol grip. Inserting the additional magazine extends the length of the grip by 5cm. This magazine’s release button is at the back of the forward pistol grip, within easy reach of your supporting hand, but it takes practice to smoothly disengage the second mag and load it into the pistol.  

The frame has an ambidextrous trigger safety guard that covers the trigger, preventing insertion of your finger into the trigger-guard. The pistol is released from the frame by working the ambidextrous buttons above the mag carrier; these work in the same manner as the pistol’s disassembly buttons. A locking lever also secures the pistol around the grip. 

The folded stock is locked in place below the large ejection port, which is flared to provide easy access to the pistol should it fail to feed. The left side of the frame is cut away in an arch above the pistol’s grip, providing access to its slide release button. 

Inserting the pistol into the Roni is easy and takes only seconds: turn the Roni around and make sure the frame’s locking lever (which secures the pistol’s grip) is open. Insert the pistol into the frame and make sure the cocking lever fits over the slide’s rear gripping grooves. Swing the locking lever over the pistol’s grip and lock it (confirmed by an audible click). Rack the cocking lever, and the pistol is ready to fire. To remove the pistol, make it safe and reverse the above procedure. 

I set up Classic IPSC targets at 5m, 25m and 50m. At 5m, holding the Roni at the ready with butt to shoulder, I was able to bring it into action very fast and most of my rapid-fire exercises grouped into 30 to 50mm centrally in the A-zone. 

Three experienced pistol shooters at the club achieved even tighter groups and faster times than I did. At 25m, my double-tap groups opened to about 100mm; another shooter placed his 28mm apart. At 50m, all my shots hit the target, either in the A or C zones. One shooter managed two shots 25mm apart in the D-zone. The fastest time a shooter took to attach the Roni to the pistol and prepare to fire was four seconds; the slowest was nine seconds.

Read the full article in the October 2019 issue of Magnum.

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