FAIR Racing Shotgun by Phillip Hayes

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FAIR Racing Shotgun by Phillip Hayes: Standing up to a beating

In Magnum’s July 2017 edition, we briefly looked at some FAIR shotguns. I recently had an opportunity to test one more thoroughly, and was impressed. The factory offers aftermarket replaceable hinges and tension wear strips for the chambers, which should make repairs easy and affordable. 

Isidoro Rizzini founded Fabbirca Armi Isidoro Rizzini (FAIR) in 1971, though the Rizzini family’s involvement in the firearms industry goes back much further. The company’s factory in north Lombardy is currently Italy’s second biggest manufacturer of shotguns, with an annual production capacity of 20 000. FAIR is known as a technologically advanced manufacturer, using leading-edge computer numerical controlled (CNC) machinery that enables the factory to maintain a 24-hour production cycle.

Some years back it operated as a large original equipment manufacturer, producing a number of the world’s leading shotgun brands for other companies. This earned it a deserved reputation for excellence in manufacturing technology and quality standards. It is carrying that reputation along as it enters the market with a range of its own shotguns.    

The importer stated that all the actions, receivers and ejectors of FAIR shotguns are manufactured from forged steel billets for the closest tolerances and optimum durability and reliability, hence can compete with some of the more expensive brands on the market. The actions also have a double hinge-lock for durability.

Should you ever fire enough shots to develop play in a FAIR’s action, the gun can be restored to its original condition simply by replacing the worn parts with the available spares. I have had a number of working shotguns develop play, and repairs are expensive, time consuming and never a long-term solution. 

As a professional hunter involved in high-volume bird-shooting over sunflower fields during pest control, I have also experienced firing-pins breaking, ejector failure, safety-catches not staying in position after each shot, and barrel ribs tearing loose, especially when barrels are fired until very hot. In addition to their replaceable hinges, FAIR’s firing-pins are made of AISI630 steel which they claim offers exceptional corrosion resistance without the fragility this process causes in some steels. Wisely, the importer keeps spare firing-pins in stock. Furthermore, the barrels are chromed internally and suitable for steel shot. Barrels of similar size are interchangeable on the various models.

Read the full article in the August 2019 issue of Magnum.

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