Glock’s G43X & G48 Silver Slimline Pistols by Paul Scarlata

  • Friday, 08 March 2019 08:20
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Glock’s G43X & G48 Silver Slimline Pistols by Paul Scarlata: Finally, single-stack Glocks

When Glock pistols were introduced they were looked upon with askance by many, but within a few years their acceptance by law enforcement, military, civilian and competitive shooters was overwhelming and today these polymer-frame pistols are often considered the standard by which all other ‘plastic’pistols are judged.

I will freely admit to being a ‘Glockaholic’and over the years have owned just about every model made, using them for home defence, concealed carry, as trail guns and for Action Pistol shooting.

I have been known to comment, “A Glock, is a Glock, is a Glock.”By this I mean that every Glock pistol has the same operating drill, functions the same way, is disassembled in the same manner, and has many interchangeable parts. This is especially useful for law enforcement agencies when it comes to training, maintenance or transitioning to new equipment. 

The polymer frame means they are also light which is a big plus for anyone carrying a pistol for extended periods. And Glocks are famous for reliability under the worst conditions, hence their popularity with militaries around the world.

Another reason for their success is Glock’s Safe Action trigger system which greatly simplified the operating system. To fire a (loaded) Glock you simply draw the pistol, aim and pull the trigger. There are no external safeties that must be disengaged or squeezed. To make a Glock ‘safe’you don’t have to thumb a safety lever or decock the hammer, you merely remove your finger from inside the trigger guard.

However, it’s impossible to satisfy everyone and, over the years, the most common complaint has been that Glocks are a bit too wide (fat?) for concealed carry, especially with IWB and ankle holsters under light clothing or when carried in deep cover. 

While Glock has made single-­stack pistols – the subcompact 9mm G43 and .45 calibre G36 with six-round magazines – there have long been requests for something slimmer with longer barrel and higher cartridge capacity, and in late 2018 the G43X and G48 in 9mm were introduced.

Unlike the G43 and G36, both the G43X and G48 have frames dimensionally similar to, and the same height as, the G19. The G43X and G48 use single-­stack, ten-round magazines which reduce the width of the grip frame to 28mm and the slide to 22mm respect­ively, which are 6mm and 3.5mm narrower than the comparable components of the G19. While this may not seem a great deal of difference, it is immediately noticeable when you hold them next to a G19.

The only differences between the G43X and G48 are their overall lengths, 165mm vs 185mm, and barrel lengths, 87mm vs 106mm. Depending on your personal preference, or method of concealed carry, this could be significant.

Like the G19X that was submitted for the US Army’s Modular Handgun Systems trials, the G43X and G48 have an nPVD finish. But it’s SILVER! According to my sources at Glock, there was a demand for pistols with a different colour slide, but I was told, “If enough people want black then we will come out with black.”

Read the full article in the April 2019 issue of Magnum.

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