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Clash of the Titans by Morgan Haselau

Clash of the Titans by Morgan Haselau: Fine Austrian hunting rifles

The TITAN series of rifles is produced by Rößler Waffen Austria (Röwa), a small, family-run operation based in Kufstein, Austria. The founder, Erich Rößler, was born in 1948 in Amstetten, Lower Austria, and showed a keen interest in firearms from an early age. At 15, he became an apprentice gunsmith in his hometown before completing the theoretical part of his training at the prestigious national college for handguns in Ferlach. Rößler then went on to work at various gunsmith shops, in­­cluding that of an internationally renowned weapons manufacturer, where he acquired the necessary skills and experience to go it alone. 

By 1996, he was ready and Röwa was born. In the early years, the company focused on small-batch orders of custom-made single-shot rifles and Bergstutzen. Röwa soon built up a reputation among European hunters for solid workmanship and high quality materials. By the end of the 1990s, Rößler was joined by his son and the two began work on what would become the TITAN rifle. Their idea was to develop a high-quality bolt-action hunting rifle, and in 2001, their first prototype was tested. Since 1996, Röwa has produced over 30 000 rifles, achieving high popularity in the European market. South Africans now have the opportunity to consider these fine Austrian sporters. 

Magnum recently tested some TITAN 6 variants and a TITAN 3. Their system of nomination refers to their different bolt systems, i.e. their respect- ive number of locking lugs: three on the TITAN 3 and six on the TITAN 6. There is also the TITAN 16 straight-pull action which features a whopping  16 locking lugs! The large total bearing surface resulting from the high number of locking lugs is to ensure optimal safety. The TITAN 3 is configured for smaller calibres such as .222, .223, 5.6x50, 6mm Norma BR, etc. and the TITAN 6 for larger ones including the magnum calibres.

All TITAN rifles offer quick and easy barrel interchangeability, with options limited only by the bolt face. Obviously, barrels in standard calibres are not interchangeable with those in magnum calibres and vice versa – hence the need to choose between a TITAN 3 or a TITAN 6, depending on your desired range of calibres. The high-quality barrels are produced by companies such as Lothar Walther, Merkel, Heym and Wilson Arms and are available in an extensive calibre range from .223 to the large magnums. Barrel prices range from R8 000 upward, depending on calibre. In theory, a multiple-calibre hunter saves on costs and convenience by buying barrels only for use with the same action/stock/scope combination.

Read the full article in the June 2018 issue of Magnum.

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