Rex Zero 1 Pistols by Phillip Hayes

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Rex Zero 1 Pistols by Phillip Hayes: The latest in heavy-duty 9mmP pistols

The Rex Zero 1 is a double- action/single-action (DA/SA) semi-automatic pistol working on the short recoil, locked-breech system. At first glance it can be mistaken for a Sig P-series pistol, but that’s where the similarity ends, for the Rex Zero 1, made by Arex in Slovenia, was designed in-house and has an array of features that makes it unique.   

The Standard (full size) pistol in 9mmP has a magazine capacity of 18 rounds and is 190mm long and 140mm high; the frame is 27.9mm wide, while the widest point (measured through the ambi-safety levers) is 37mm. Barrel length is 4.25" (108mm). With its alloy and steel construction, the pistol, unloaded, weighs 810 grams.

Two more models, a Combat (780g) and Compact (715g), are available in the same calibre. The Combat’s barrel/slide is 10mm shorter than the Standard, while the Compact has the shorter barrel/slide and a shorter pistol grip accommodating a 15-round magazine.

The Rex Zero 1 uses the Petter-style (modified Browning) locking system. This has a shoulder on the enlarged breech end of the barrel which engages a corresponding surface in the slide at the ejection port. The guide rod is a steel tube and comes with a single return spring.  The slide runs on inner rails in the frame and the pistol employs an internal extractor.

The slide is cut from chromoly bar steel, which is light but durable. The frame is of aircraft grade aluminium alloy and machined per state-of-the-art CNC technology. The finish on the parts is excellent – I could find no tool marks whatever, inside or out. The barrel (chromoly steel) is cold hammer-forged and a proprietary nitro carburising process is used to coat the slide and barrel for protection against the elements. The frame has a hard anodized surface. 

Unlike most new designs, the Rex pistol has an exposed hammer. The controls on the Rex Zero 1 include the trigger, external hammer, a dual-purpose slide-stop/decocking lever, ambidextrous manual safety, ambidextrous magazine release button and a disassembly lever.

Read the full article in the Febuary 2018 issue of Magnum.

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