CZ’s P10 Compact by Morgan Haselau

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CZ’s P10 Compact by Morgan Haselau: Stout competition for the Glock!

Love them or hate them, ­polymer-framed pistols are here to stay, with many of the world’s leading manufacturers following the trail ­arguably blazed by Glock. The CZ P10 C in 9mm Para is the Czech company’s latest striker-fired polymer creation which will draw inevitable comparisons to the Glock, both in looks and operational design. CZ’s first and previously only polymer-framed pistol was the CZ 100, launched back in 1995.

The C stands for ‘compact’, and this pistol is just that. While not the smallest on the market, the P10 C qualifies as a concealed carry weapon. A slim 32mm wide, it is clean-lined with minimal protrusions. Empty, the pistol weighs just 765g. It is 187mm long and has a 99mm barrel. The frame is fibre-reinforced polymer with a nitrate finish. It is striker fired, meaning the slide’s rearward energy partially preps the striker while the trigger draws the striker rearwards to trip the sear, releasing it to fire the cartridge. The barrel is polygonal (also a feature of Glock and H&K). It is quite a departure from CZ’s norm in that the slide rides outside, not inside the frame rails. It boasts a “captured” recoil spring on a poly guide rod. Also noteworthy are the very large barrel lugs and locking block, and the barrel chamber which fully supports the cartridge case.

The P10 comes in a lockable hardened plastic case, along with two 15-round steel magazines; small, medium and large backstraps; a cleaning rod and brush, a cable gun lock, an Allen key, owner’s manual and the factory’s test target.

CZ claims the frame was designed to “withstand the ­rigours of military use”. I see no reason to doubt this – polymer pistol designs only become tougher as technology improves. There is speculation that CZ is targeting Glock’s share of the global military and police market, with the P10 being their direct challenger. Only time will reveal the outcome, but CZ’s intention seems clear.

Immediately noticeable is the P10’s aggressive grip texture on the backstrap – an almost identical feature to that on the Glock 19, though the CZ’s texture is sharper and more pronounced, providing a very secure grip. That said, I’m sure that the palm of your hand will know all about it after a couple of hours on the range. Carrying the pistol inside your waist-band may cause discomfort and chafed skin, but gentle sanding down of the texture would remedy this. The backstraps can be changed by driving out a roll pin located near the bottom of the handle. Each backstrap has a lanyard hole; ­lanyards are more common in military than civilian use, which again points to CZ’s aspirations in that market.

Read the full article in the October 2017 issue of Magnum.

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