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This is a free service for private sale of Magnum-type items only. Send your Readers' Market ads to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (maximum 20 words per ad). Ads are edited where necessary. Your name, address and contact details must be provided, though they will not be published. Readers' Market ads will remain on the site until the new issue is available.


Leica ER 3.5-14x42 rifle scope, ballistic reticle, R12 500. 

Dirk 082-882-1559 (011)

Man/Magnummagazines, from 1984 to 2018. Here and there an issue may be missing. Offers? 

Jan 071-676-0880 (018)

Several skull mounts by Highveld including kudu 51"+, two sable 43"-45"+, nyala 23½" shoulder mount. Price negotiable.

Paul 011-883-6032

.416 Rigby rifle, jewelled action, engraved quarter rib and front ramp, Express sights, mint condition, A-grade. POR

082-411-0210 (033)

Leupold VXII 4-12x40 AD rifle scope, with LR duplex, excellent condition, R3 500 excluding postage. 

Brynard 083-327-0936 (017)

50x 7x57 brass, neck-sized, primed, R200; 40x 7x57 brass, once-fired, R150; 30x 7x57 brass and bullets, R150; 60x 6.5x55 brass and bullets, R150.  Johann 082-895-8918 (031)
 Night Force NXS 5.5-22x56 rifle scope, good condition, R10 000.  Mark 082-469-2248 (012)
 Sako .375H&H Finnbear, with Swarovski scope, plus Norma Swift A-frame bullets, R25 000.  André 083-444-6680 (014)
Brno ZKK602 .375H&H Magnum, good condition, ghost ring sight, Weaver K4 60B post reticle scope (fixed 4 power). ± 70x cartridges, reloading equipment, R12 000 all.  072-341-8387 (046)
BSA .177, R1 500; BSF .177, R2 000. Both rifles circa 1955, good condition.  072-267-2925 (011)
Hunting magazines: MagnumSA HuntWild en JagAfrican HunterAfrican OutfitterBow Hunteretc. R500.  083-292-2268 (012)
 Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies, pedigree not registered, R2 500 each.  Fina 084-440-9040 (016)
94x .30-06 USA army brass, R2.50 each; 47x PMP, R2 each; 53x PMP reloaded once, R1.50 each. 

083-564-4156 (014)

1887 Martini Henry VR, puik toestand, dies, patrone, doppies, punte, skaal, laaistok, sak, kruit, ekstras, R15 000 ona.  074-463-6538 (012)
.375H&H dies, R400; Swift A-frame and Nosler Partition bullets in .375.  079-495-1314 (011)
BSA Meteor, mint condition, R1 200.  073-480-0001 (032)
ZKK600 Brno .30-06 rifle, Bushnell scoped, cartridge cases, R8 000; Custom .38Spl target revolver, 6" barrel, Pachmayr grips,
R2 500. 
082-485-6406 (all) (011)
Zebra skins, ‘A’ Grade certified, new, in pristine condition, R8 500 to R12 000. View in JHB/BFN by appointment.  Ken 082-902-3652 (051)


Bolt for Brno Fox .22 Hornet wanted by Australian reader. Will pay any fair price plus postage.  Dan Winkel, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
12-year-old boy, keen outdoorsman, looking for past Magnumissues for free. Pretoria region, will collect.  Francois 082-821-7109 (012)
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