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This is a free service for private sale of Magnum-type items only. Send your Readers' Market ads to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (maximum 20 words per ad). Ads are edited where necessary. Your name, address and contact details must be provided, though they will not be published. Readers' Market ads will remain on the site until the new issue is available.

20 March 2019  
Schmidt & Bender Stratos 1.5–8x42 LM FD7 scope (made in Germany). Serial No 452432. Never used, spotless, R20 000.  Stefaans
083-262-4146 (051)
6 March 2019  
ManMagnum magazine binder sets: 1977, R500; 1978, R500; 1981, R500; or offers; Magnum Annual 1979, R400; Cooper on Handguns 1974, R400.  082-229-5549 (039)
Weaver steel K4 rifle scope, as new, without scratches, R600. 079-693-3694 (018)
Danner grouse hunting boots, size UK8/US9, width 2EE, brand-new, never worn, narrow fit, R4 000.  David
084-700-5836 (021)
ManMagnum magazines: Sep & Oct 1987; 31x years full sets from 1988 to 2018, Jan 1992 missing. Selling as job lot. Offers?  George 082-226-9444, 044-884-1460
Uzi silencer, steel, factory made, replaces the barrel locknut system maxim principle, R 5000.  Werner 073-832-7784 (011)
Ara commando knife by Angus Arbuckle (late seventies), has been sharpened; AFD Boker commando dagger, clasp type, standard issue to Norwegian Mountain Special Forces. Both made late ‘70s. Offers?  071-609-9990 (041)
20 February 2019  
Twenty-three years of ManMagnummagazine binder sets, 1981-2003; MagnumAnnuals; various hunting books; 5x spare Magnumbinders. Offers?  WhatsApp Hennie
083-226-8019 (016)
1916 Lee Enfield MK2 .303, R3 500; Bayonet in sy skede en 'n self-laai magasyn klip, R150. 

Morne 082-907-3888 (018)

Heckler & Koch P7M13, including 2 magazines (almost new, in original box), holsters and all original cleaning kits, R14 000 neg.  Rafael 082-739-0319 (021)
6 February 2019  
GSP puppies, ready end of February, from hunting parents, chipped, pedigreed and docked, R3000.   Darko 083-456-3604 (011)
Bullet casting RCBS lubrisizer, .357 and 9mm sizer and moulds, Lee Pro1000, plus extras, R5000.  082-412-9095 (045)
7x shoulder mounts and 4x skull mounts.  072-859-1055 (013)
21 January 2019  
Bullet casting and shot making equipment. Lead shot No.7 – 22kgs available, R30/kg.  Trevor 079-353-2780 (011)
Gecado Model 35, R2 000.  073-480-0001 (032)
Barrel for Winchester 1300 Defender shotgun, must be 26/28" long. Cash buyer.  073-696-7752 (032)
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